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                  programs designed for your dog individual needs

Board & train

A board and train program can be a tremendous asset in a pup’s training or behavior modification program. Although we’ll plant a solid foundation and give you all the tools you need for when your dog goes home, a board and train program can’t ‘fix’ or thoroughly train your pooch. Once your puppy goes back, the hard work is up to you to continue your pup’s education and to keep them sharp. We’ll be there every step to assist with private training sessions, detailed written homework, instructional video with the training step by step of your dog, and trainer assistance as needed.

Puppy boot camp

Give your puppy a solid foundation and expert socialization with our puppy program. We’ll focus on socialization, house training, and basic manners. Includes 1 Private Training Session and detailed homework exercises.

2 weeks boarding plus training 1610.00

Basic training

Learn or brush up on basics like leash manners, sit, heel, stay, and much more. Includes 1 Private Training Session and detailed homework exercises, including a custom video of the training of your dog  and written how-to’s

Behavior modification

If your pup needs a bit of behavior modification, this one for you, we’ll tackle issues like fear, dog reactivity, over excitement, and aggression (case by case). 

1 week boarding plus training       840.00

2 weeks boarding plus training  1610.00

3 weeks boarding plus training  2310.00

4 weeks boarding plus training  2940.00

Trainer on call free with any of our programs

Each of our Board & Train programs includes extensive homework, follow up training session(s), and access to your trainer for support via phone or email.

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