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General FAQs

Do you have references?
Yes we do have excellent references which are available upon your request.


Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured through Pet Sitters Associates LLC. 


 Do you board?
Yes! We offer boarding and board and train in our home. 


Do you give them treats?
Only with the owner’s consent, we use treats as a reward when the pup earns it during training.


How do you pair the dogs?
We try to keep them within a similar size and energy level.  


How do I pay for services?
We accept online payments through  Venmo.  We also accept checks or cash.  Our billing cycle is the last day of the month, and you will invoice during the first couple of days of the following month. 


When you offer training sessions?

Private sessions offer every day of the week, and we will work with you to find an appointment time. Generally, Pooch Preps happen on weekdays in place of a daily walk, and Private Sessions take place weekday evenings or during the day on weekends. For specific availability, give us a call, text or email 


Does age matter?

A dog of any age can learn! Puppies can start training as young as a few weeks old, and even a pup well into double digits can discover new behaviors.  While younger dogs tend to change practices more readily, both young and old dogs can quickly pick up new tricks.


Does my dog need training?

While every dog and pup parent can benefit from daily routine learning, sometimes we all get stumped by our pup's actions. When these actions start to interfere with your routine, it is time to consult a professional, certified trainer. When adding a first or second (or more!) dog into your life, it is an excellent time to consult a trainer to help make the transition to dog (or multi-dog) life as seamless as possible. If your dog's actions scare you, you or another person feels unsafe, or your pup is acting aggressively, immediately consult a trainer.

What do I need to start training?

Patience and consistency are two of the most powerful training tools, while rewards (tasty treats, toys, attention from you, etc. ) are also quite important.  Some gear, such as leashes and tags, is required by law, we have a wide variety of training equipment in different sizes, and for various purposes, we do sell stuff as well. For those interested in behavior modification we suggest do an exam by a veterinarian to rule out physical factors that might be causing or contributing to the problem behavior such as cases of severe aggression



                             Walk and train 


What is the window for walks?
We try to give everyone a set time to maintain the same schedule every day.  However, there are days where we may have more or fewer walks than usual.  As an average, we give ourselves an hour window to complete a walk.  For example, if your walk time set for 12:30, we may come as early as noon and as late as 1:00.


What if you get sick or can't take a walk?
We have two dedicated backups (Sandra & Tannya) who call in if your primary walkers are out on vacation or take a sick day.


Do you supply bags?
Each walker has bags with them, and we might use the owner’s bags if they are attached to the leash.

What do you do with the first dog when picking up the second?
We will always take the pup inside the building with us. 


Do you take them to the dog parks?
We will take them to the dog park if you would like us to do so.  Otherwise, we will walk and train them the entire time.



When can I cancel a walk without being charged?
Walks canceled with a minimum of 3 hours before start the walk will be no charge otherwise will be charged full rate.  



Are you available on last-minute notice?
We generally have someone available until about 5:30 PM each day.  If your primary walker isn’t open, we will try to schedule his or her back-up to fill in.  We will do our best to accommodate all last-minute requests.




Do you leave notes after the walk?
We use a service called Time to Pet, which sends you updated via email as soon as we complete the walk.  We will tell you if they went poop and pee, if they have diarrhea, anything funny they did, the progress they are making as and an occasional picture.




Do you clean up any accidents that you find?
Yes, and we will take it out with us, so you don't have the smell lingering when you get there.

Sitting / Boarding 

How long are you in the home when sitting/boarding?
When we are booked for an overnight stay we will come to your home no later than 8 PM and will not leave before 8 AM the following morning.

While boarding, the longest a dog will be left alone is 4-5 hours.


What is the longest you will dog sit/board?
There is no amount of time that is too long.  However, for in-home sitting over two weeks, we may need to have a second walker sub in for a night or two to give your primary a night off.

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