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Lola is always exited to see Cristian and it's a huge relief for us to be able to travel knowing she is in good hands when she boards with his family.


Derek W.

Taking basic training classes with Teddy has been the best experience for me and him. Cristian and his team really care about each and every dog and offer techniques that your dog responds to. We  are planing to take the The Canine Good Citizen exam. Cristian really makes every class fun and instructive .

Andres C. MD.

Cristian has walked our dog since we adopted her, and throughout that time, he has been supremely reliable, responsive, and trustworthy.  Cristian sends quick updates on each walk, which helps me stay connected while I am at work.  He also posts pictures and videos to his Instagram page so that you can see a little bit of your dog's walk.  Checking the page is a highlight of my day!  Cristian also recently completed his training certification and has been using some of those techniques with our dog.  It has been awesome to see her progress.  We highly recommend Good Dog New York!


Bridget B.

Cristian was the first person we trusted to take care of our dog when he was just a few months old.  He has always been thorough and attentive, and our labradoodle loves him!  We found Cristian when we were on the UWS, and he became our dog walker, but even when we left the area, we were fortunate enough to have still the option of boarding our dog with Cristian and his family.  Just knowing that our dog is with a family always makes us feel better about leaving him.  He comes home happy and healthy, and we know he had a great time and was well taken care of!  We are so thankful to have found Cristian and hope he is a resource to help care for our dog for years to come.

Laura B.

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